Brilliant delivery in voice work, performed above and beyond and works in an extremely professional manner with great work ethic.

— Star Wars Imperial Historian

I’ve worked with Katte Noel on three projects: The Lost Masters (2016), Legacy of the Sith (2017) & The Prodigal Knight (2018). Throughout all three, Katte has consistently delivered top notch vocal performances in high quality audio files and truly engaged with her characters.

She is very friendly and pleasant to talk to, always responding punctually to emails and able to work to set deadlines. For my projects, Katte always delivered her lines to me separated into individual audio files, one per line and per take. If you are an editor, you will know all too well how helpful this is in aiding the speeding up the editing process.  

Katte is also capable of a wide range of acting ability, using several different believable accents for my films. I would highly recommend her to any content creators looking for a female voice.


I have worked with Katte a few times on a machinima based projects and I must say, it was an excellent honour and she has delivered a fantastic performance. Captured the traits exactly as a described, delivered each line with such talent and performed an overall excellent performance. Owns a clear and quality microphone and sent me his voice files long before the deadline, allowing me to review them early. For our time working together, I can happily say it was a successful project and I believe it wouldn’t have been as good without her performance. Severely underrated and I recommend working with her if you’re ever looking for talent.

— Ani-Nation Productions

— Darth Varkor

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